Septic Tank Repair at Precision Septic

The septic tank repair specialists at Precision Septic can find any septic problems you may experiencing. A lot of septic companies will replace the entire system at the first sign of trouble. After decades in business and 3 generations of experience, we've learned quite a bit about septic systems.

If you've been told you need a new drain field (septic system) don't believe it until you've had us evaluate it. Most of the time we find a minor problem such as a crushed pipe or root intrusion and the majority of the septic system is still in great shape. If you do not get a first opinion from us, please consider us for a second opinion. 9 out of 10 times we save the existing septic system. We save our customer thousands of dollars and leave them better off because our gravel systems are better than the new plastic/styrofoam systems. 

While we can't save them all, you can be certain that if anybody in Fayetteville, GA can save your system 
and save you money, we can!  

Call the most trusted company around at (770) 652-9255.


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